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HW _5 - Wood and Wood Products - subjected to a center...

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CEE 3020 Civil Engineering Materials Question 1 A small block of southern pine lumber weighs 140g when green. Oven dry, the block weighs 50g. (a) Calculate the moisture content of the green wood. (b) Estimate the mass of the block of wood when its moisture content reaches its fiber saturation point. Assume the fiber saturation point coincides with a 30% moisture content. Question 2 A Ponderosa Pine wood beam (2x2” in cross section), simply supported at both ends, is
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Unformatted text preview: subjected to a center point load of 100 lbs. If the span (L) of the beam between the supports is 60”, (a) determine if the beam will fail (b) if the beam does not fail, determine deflection of the beam at mid-span. Question 3 How is the strength of wood generally affected by: (a) its moisture content (b) its specific gravity (c) temperature (d) loading rate (e) duration of loading (f) the presence of defects...
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