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Homework_MSE2001H_ch2 - MSE 2001 H Homework Chapter 2 2008...

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MSE 2001 H Homework Chapter 2 2008 Seung Soon Jang 1. When we investigate properties of materials at atomic level, what factors we need to check first? 1. the types of ________ present 2. the types of ________ in the material 3. the way the atoms are ________ 2. Put the five factors determining properties of atom 3. By solving the schrödinger equation ( Ψ = Ψ E H ), we can obtain electronic configuration. H is a Hamiltonian that is an energy operator. is __________________, meaning a probability amplitude describing the position of electron. Ψ E is __________________ of the Hamiltonian, meaning the energy state of such orbital 4. What approximation makes ( ) ( ) ( ) electrons nuclei electrons nuclei total Ψ Ψ = Ψ , possible? And explain its idea briefly. 5. No two electrons can have an identical set of quantum numbers. __________________________ 6. Carbon, Silicon, and Germanium have similar crystal structure. Explain the reason using their electronic configurations. 7. Explain the Isolate & Non-isolate, Open & Closed, and Adiabatic & Diabatic systems. 8. In a (steady state, equilibrium state), the recently observed behaviour of the system will continue
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