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MSE 2001 H Homework Chapter 5 February 21, 2008 Seung Soon Jang 1. _____________ defect is a one-dimensional region in the lattice characterized by local faults in the atomic arrangement. 2. ____________ stress: stress in the direction parallel to the plane normal ____________ stress: stress in the direction perpendicular to the plane normal 3. (Normal, Shear ) stress is responsible for plastic deformation. 4. To specify the slip system , we need the information about the favored plane (___________________) and the favored direction (____________________). 5. From the following picture, we can understand how the applied normal stress can generate the shear stress that can cause the slip. Using the information about the cross-sectional areas and angles, please make the relationship between applied normal stress and shear stress. Tensile axis
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Unformatted text preview: Force Normal Slip plane Slip direction 6. Please explain the critical resolved shear stress. 1 7. When we make a clockwise circuit around a specific point to figure out the existence of edge dislocation, the circuit would not close upon itself if there is a edge dislocation. The name of the circuit is _________________________ and the vector joining the end point to the starting point is ____________________. 8. Write the thermodynamic definition of surface tension with its mathematical equation. 9. The surface tension for stable surface is always (positive, negative). 10. To strengthen metal materials, we can use various mechanisms such as alloying, strain hardening, grain refinement, and precipitation hardening. Please explain the common aspect of those mechanisms. 2...
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Homework_MSE2001H_ch5 - Force Normal Slip plane Slip...

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