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1 MSE 2001: Syllabus MSE 2001 F: Principles and Applications of Engineering Materials CLASSROOM: MWF 01:05 PM - 01:55 pm, Room [email protected] Love Building INSTRUCTOR: Seung Soon Jang ([email protected]) Office: Room 354 Love Building, Phone: TEACHING ASSISTANTS : Kevin Blinn [email protected] Love 255 (Monday 4:00-5:00 PM) Giuseppe Brunello [email protected] Love152 (Monday 11:00 AM–12:00PM) Kevin Chasse [email protected] IPST 350S (Friday 5:00-6:00 PM) Christopher Neel [email protected] Kelli Rettew [email protected] Love 161 (Tuesdays 10:00-11:00 AM) LECTURES : The lectures follow the material presented in the text. Please retain and follow the enclosed outline. The course will follow Chapters 1 through 10. It should be good idea to read textbook before coming to class. HOMEWORK : Homework assignments will be given periodically. It is important to work these problems. Homework will not be collected although there will be at least one problem on each of the examinations VERY SIMILAR (or the same) to a previously assigned homework problem. EXAMINATIONS : There will be three exams during the semester and a final examination. If a student has a legitimate conflict and will miss the exam that student must reschedule the exam prior to the examination day . Only personal calculators that are non-programmable can be used on examinations. Lecture 1
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2 GRADE : Your final grade will be computed based upon your performance on exams and homework assignments and scaled according to the following scheme: Examination 1 -20% Examination 2 -20% Examination 3 -20% Final- 40% Midterm Grades: Midterm grades will be reported as “S” or “U” by September 28. A “U” will indicate unsatisfactory performance, i.e., a “D” or “F.” The midterm grade will be determined by the grade on the first examination. Attendance Policy: Students are encouraged to attend lectures and are responsible for all material presented during lectures. CLASS DESCRIPTION for MSE 2001: Prerequisites: CHEM 1310. Basic principles describing the structure and properties of engineering materials and the application of the basic principals directed toward understanding the relationships between the development of microstructure and the effects of microstructure on the properties discussed. The properties discussed include mechanical, chemical, electrical, thermal, magnetic, and optical. Materials processing techniques and materials selection in design are emphasized. TEXTBOOK : James P. Schaffer, Ashok Saxena, Stephen D. Antolovich, Thomas H. Sanders, Jr. and Steven B. Warner, The Science and Design of Engineering Materials , Second Edition , Irwin, Chicago, IL, 1999. GOALS:
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MSE2001F_1_1 - Lecture 1 1 MSE 2001 Syllabus MSE 2001 F...

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