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CEE 4310 WATER QUALITY ENGINEERING SPRING 2009 HOMEWORK #1 (DUE JAN 29) 1. (60 pts). (a) Describe the purpose of each unit operation shown below in no more than two sentences. Specify chemicals used in this unit operation (if used) (b) Using the treatment steps shown below, construct a conventional water treatment process to produce potable water from a surface water source (for example, river water). You need to choose five treatment steps and list them in a correct order for the full credit. Provide reasons for the order of unit operation that you have chosen ( i . e . why one comes after the other). Sedimentation UV Chamber Clearwell Grit Chamber Anaerobic Digester Flocculation Filtration Rapid Mixing Aeration Primary Clarifier 2. (40 pts) . The USEPA published the draft CCL 3 on February 21, 2008 which provides an opportunity for the public comment. Collect the following information regarding CCL3 (http://www.epa.gov/safewater/ccl/ccl3.html).
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Unformatted text preview: (a) Describe what CCL is and how it is used in no more than three sentences. (b) Make a table that list all the CCL3 contaminants (the entire table must fit into one page, you must use a Word Processor). Categorize the candidates into microbial contaminants, organic chemicals and inorganic chemicals. (c) Advanced oxidation process (AOP) is considered as one of the promising technologies for treating many of organic contaminants in CCL3. Define AOP in no more than two sentences. Provide the reason why you think AOP could be useful to treat these chemicals in no more than two sentences. (d) Propose another potential treatment process ( i . e . other than AOP) for organic contaminants in CCL3. Briefly define the purpose of treatment and describe the mechanism of treatment for “one” target compound of your choice (the target compound name and your last name should start with the same alphabet)....
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