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Quiz-1_Fall-07 - Conservatism holds that 7 …society is...

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Quiz 1 Prof. Klein PST3127 Fall 2007 Your Name: _______________________ Various writers use different images or metaphors to portray a world of false consciousness. 1. What metaphor does Plato use (1 word)? 2. What metaphor is used in the film we saw in class (1 word)? 3. Plato claims that much of what we believe to be true is really just shadows projected on a wall. Herman and Chomsky make a more modern but ultimately similar claim in their study of: ________________. Some writers claim that we can escape false consciousness and achieve enlightenment. 4. What is Kant’s definition of enlightenment? 5. What tool or technology does Leary propose for achieving enlightenment? 6. Allan Bloom claims that society maintains an enlightenment institution in its midst. That institution is: ________________________. According to Owen Harries conservatism rejects two basic claims of the enlightenment.
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Unformatted text preview: Conservatism holds that: 7. …society is too complex to be understood (and to be re-engineered) by humans (T/F) 8…. human nature is fundamentally good. (T/F) 9. If the university was a more democratic institution, then professors would likely assign more readings from the NY Times Best Sellers List. (T/F) 10. According to some policy makers, the US invasion of Iraq sought to liberate the people of that country from a tyrannical regime and to transform the country into a modern democracy. US policy makers expected that Iraqis would embrace them as liberators; instead US forces have encountered significant resistance to the transformation. US soldiers now find themselves fighting the very people they seek to liberate. One way to characterize this situation is to say that the US is “forcing the Iraqis to be ____________.”...
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Quiz-1_Fall-07 - Conservatism holds that 7 …society is...

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