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Quiz-1_Spring-08 - what we know The media are a “lense”...

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Quiz 1 PST3127 Spring 2008 Prof. Klein Your Name: ________________________________ 1. A common theme in the readings is that people trapped in a cave of illusion welcome their liberation by the philosophers. (T/F) 2. A common theme in the readings is that enlightenment can be pursued by reducing falsehood in one’s knowledge, beliefs, and desires. (T/F) 3. According to Huxley, in the old totalitarianism, people were in a “prison” of guns, famine, and firing squad. Where is the prison of the new totalitarianism? _____________ 4. Plato believes that philosophers should escape the cave and stay apart from the unenlightened masses. (T/F) 5. Herman and Chomskey use two metaphors to describe how the mass media distort
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Unformatted text preview: what we know. The media are a “lense” and they are a: ______________ 6. According numerous authors, our thinking is not only affected by what we are taught, it is also powerfully influenced by strategic silences . (T/F) 7. What is Kant’s definition of enlightenment? (You must get the entire phrase correct; no partial credit!) 8. Kant defines the cognitive process for thinking by the masses as “thinking by statute and ___________.” 9. What term does Leary use to describe the university? 10. According to Owen Harries, a true conservative would embrace his or her society rather than condemning it as a cave. (T/F)...
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