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Quiz-1_Summer-07 - Quiz 1 Summer 2007 Your Name PST3127...

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Quiz 1 PST3127 Summer 2007 Prof. Klein Your Name: ________________________________ 1. Herman and Chomsky are contemporary scholars who write about the role of the media in shaping what people know. However, even though he lived more than 2000 years ago, Plato, too, saw an important role for the media in shaping people’s consciousness. (T/F) 2. Herman and Chomsky claim that the media serve as propaganda is based on the claim that leaders of government, industry, and the media frequently conspire to dupe the public. (T/F) 3. As discussed in lecture, university paper-writing assignments occur under similar constraints and incentives as media news-writing assignments. As a result, students are liable to “propagandize” to their overseers in a similar manner to what Herman and Chomsky attribute to the media. (T/F)
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