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PST3127 Fall 2006 Quiz 2 Your Name: _________________________ 1. What is the underlying “logic ” of the Brave New World (i.e. why are the inhabitants’ minds formed the way they are)? 2. John the savage tried to forcibly enlighten the Deltas by throwing away their soma rations. In lecture Prof. Klein hypothesized that one could forcibly enlighten students on this campus through a somewhat similar act. Through what action could one force Tech students to be free? (Please don’t actually do it!) 3. In the world of politics American is ruled according to the principle of popular sovereignty (i.e. majority rule.) According to Tocqueville and Bloom, in the world of thought American is ruled by what principle
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Unformatted text preview: ? 4. What danger does Bloom see to American universities today? According to de Graaf, Affluenza has various features. Please give an example of: 5. Something good that affluenza brings us 6. Something bad that affluenza brings us 7. Something valuable that affluenza denies us 8. According to de Graaf, what US corporation implemented the less-than-40-hour work week? 9. At what university was a conservative political news magazine recently vandalized and suppressed? 10. Where did John the Savage ultimately go to live in peace?...
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