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PST3127 Spring 2007 Quiz 2 Your Name: _________________________ Your TA: _________________________ 1. Bloom’s book, The Closing of the American Mind , is a call to democratize the university. (T/F) 2. Quantitative question: according to Huxley, approximately how many repetitions does it take to make one truth? _______________________ 3. What scene in Brave New World is an example of “forcing someone to be free.” 4. What is the underlying “logic ” of the Brave New World (i.e. why are the inhabitants’ minds formed the way they are)? According to de Graaf, our society abounds in one class of things and experiences scarcity in (at least) one other class
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Unformatted text preview: of things. 5. What do we have in abundance? 6. What do we allegedly lack? 7. What is the “realm of necessity”? 8. Bloom believes that a university ought to be a democratic institution (T/F) 9. Alexis de Tocqueville found that people in a democratic society manifest a remarkable monotony of thought. (T/F) 10. There is currently a debate in the press about a possible foreign policy initiative by the US. Critics claim that recent news releases contain poor or possibly false intelligence findings. What is the possible policy initiative?...
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