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Quiz-2_Summer-07 - and assisting them to achieve democratic...

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Quiz 2 PST3127 Summer 2007 Prof. Klein Your Name: ___________________________ Your Row: ____ 1. What is Kant’s definition of “enlightenment”? 2. According to Kant, a major reason for our state of tutelage is that we lack the courage to think for ourselves. (T/F) 3. What social group teaches us (the masses) to think according to “statutes and formulas”? 4. According to the Enlightenment philosophers, what is it that all people have that makes them able to free themselves? 5. What institution does Timothy Leary call “the intellectual ministry of defense”? 6. What elected official recently championed the Enlightenment project of liberating all human beings from tyranny
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Unformatted text preview: and assisting them to achieve democratic self-determination? 7. According to Bloom, although they are important, philosophers have no impact on industry or government. (T/F) 8. According to Harries, “true” conservatives are skeptical that all humans are capable of enlightenment; they predict that a program of liberation from social constraints would lead to criminality and bloodshed. (T/F) 9. Name a current-day sport that seems to illustrate Huxley’s claim that the masses will be trained to love high-consumption activities. 10. The logic of the Brave New World is to make all people both happy consumers and productive workers. (T/F)...
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