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Quiz 3 PST3127 Fall 2007 Prof. Klein Your Name: ___________________________ Your TA _______________ 1. Developed economies employ a high degree of the division of labor, which requires that people develop expertise in specialized productive functions. From this fact, one can hypothesize that people in less-developed countries have more diverse life experiences than their counterparts in more-developed countries. (T/F) 2. An industrial society operates at a very different temporal rhythm than does an agrarian society. Teaching people how to experience time is an important function of society’s training institutions. [Hint: Remember, you have just 20 minutes to complete this quiz!] (T/F) 3. According to Ewen, purchasing a product for its “use value” is a rational decision
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Unformatted text preview: about utility. (T/F) 4. According to Ewen, purchasing a product on the basis of “social insecurity” is a rational decision about its utility. (T/F) The US Civil War was a clash between two societies at which two stages of economic development? 5. North: 6. South: 7. Sally Reed argues that which group in society should control school curricula? 8. One method used to document the evolution of one’s own personality is: 9. As presented in lecture, what is Georgia Tech’s most valuable input into the industrial economy? 10. Sally Reed worries that school teachers spend too much time teaching children about partriotism. (T/F)...
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