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Quiz-3_Summer-07 - Brave New World attains enlightenment by...

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Quiz 3 PST3127 Summer 2007 Prof. Klein Your Name: ______________________________ Your Row: _____ 1. What term was repeated over and over again in the run-up to the Iraq invasion, seemingly illustrating Huxley’s claim that 62,000 repetitions make one truth? 2. Huxley believes that individuals can attain enlightenment (i.e. a high degree of free thought) in the Brave New World. (T/F) 3. Huxley believes that everyone in society can attain enlightenment in the Brave New World. (T/F) 4. Mustapha Mond’s position on society could be summarized as, “Yes, the society is stupid and oppressive, but it is also the best that is possible.” (T/F) 5. As discussed in lecture, which character in
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Unformatted text preview: Brave New World attains enlightenment by cross-cultural travel? 6. When John the Savage tries to lead the lower classes to liberate themselves, they rally to the call of freedom. (T/F) 7. As discussed in lecture, what institution in US society corresponds to Huxleys Iceland colony for free thinkers? 8. According to Tocqueville, in a democratic society independence of mind is rare. (T/F) 9. Alan Bloom believes that the role of the university is to provide its students with experiences they cannot have in a democratic society. (T/F) 10. According to Bloom, the university should be an unpopular institution. (T/F)...
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