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PST3127 Fall 2006 Quiz 4 Your Name: _________________________ 1. Sally Reed argues that school curricula shape children’s values and worldview. In Lies My Teacher Told Me , James Loewen agrees. Loewen thinks that one field of study (one kind of school class) has an especially important role in shaping students worldview. That class is: 2. What method does Loewen use to detect falsehoods in textbooks, i.e. how does he know that the texts contain distortions and significant silences? 3. Helen Keller is an icon of American values because she believed that health problems can be best overcome through individual efforts . (T/F) High school textbooks portray President Woodrow Wilson as a leader who championed peace and democracy. Yet Loewen identifies three policy areas, often neglected in the textbooks, where Wilson’s decisions were quite at odds with this portrait.
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Unformatted text preview: Name two of the three policy areas where Wilson’s decisions were decidedly undemocratic and bellicose (“warlike”): 4. 5. 6. Name a government that historically practiced the distinction between “the Slave Race and the Master Race”: 7. What is the name of the radical ideology of the 1800s that claimed that black and white people were equal? 8. In the movie The Nasty Girl , the girl tears a hole in the “matrix” of her home town. She is initially condemned as a troublemaker but later celebrated has a hero. (T/F) 9. Herman and Chomsky claim that news outlets like the New York Times bias the news in favor of allies and against rivals. Give an example from lecture of how photographs can be biased (e.g. how presidents of friendly and unfriendly countries can be portrayed.) 10. Define the term “worthy victim.”...
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