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Quiz-4_Spring_07 - i.e events that parents and teachers...

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Quiz 4 Prof. Klein PST3127 Spring 2007 Your Name: ___________________ Your TA’s Name: ___________________ 1. What characteristic of two events (“cases”) make them suitable for use in Herman and Chomsky’s “paired cases method”? 2. Name one quantitative data measure for measuring press coverage of an event. (Hint: remember Table 2- 1 in Manufacturing Consent .) 3. Based on Herman and Chomsky’s “propaganda model”, when Iranian forces imprison British soldiers, the prisoners are likely to be portrayed in the press as (worthy /unworthy ) victims. 4. Based on Herman and Chomsky’s “propaganda model”, when US forces imprison Iranian soldiers, the prisoners are likely to be portrayed in the press as (worthy /unworthy ) victims. (Note: neither question above relates to the particular details of recent events in the Middle East. The only relevant fact is that the US and Iran currently have poor relations.) 5. According to Loewen, high school history texts are especially reluctant to discuss recent history
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Unformatted text preview: , i.e. events that parents and teachers experienced firsthand. (T/F) 6. Loewen presents a series of images from the war in Vietnam. Identify one image from the war in Iraq (mentioned in lecture) that is likely to similarly endure as a defining image of this period of history. 7. Few history text books report that Helen Keller was an advocate of universal healthcare. (T/F) 8. When Woodrow Wilson imposed racial segregation in the federal postal service, he was simply continuing practices that began with the Civil War. (T/F) 9. We viewed a website (www. zombietime.com ) that offered plausible evidence of doctored press photos misrepresenting Israel’s invasion of southern Lebanon. Name one technique used to doctor the photos. 10. In the movie The Nasty Girl , the protagonist, Sonya, undertakes her historical research with an initial desire to unmask the hypocritical leaders of her home town and the lies that constitute the townspeople’s reality. (T/F)...
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