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Quiz-4_Summer-07 - 4 According to de Graaf our society...

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Quiz 4 PST3127 Summer 2007 Prof. Klein 1. American policy makers are taking action on our energy dependence. Coal and ethanol are being used to substitute for oil. What proposal do you think de Graaf would propose for this problem? 2. Various technologies can be used to provide cooling for parking lots. Autos can be equipped with rapid-start air conditioning or they could be placed underground or in covered structures. As discussed in class, what is another technology for managing excessive energy in parking lots? What are two elements of meaningful work ? 3. _____________________________
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Unformatted text preview: 4. ______________________________ According to de Graaf, our society abounds in one class of things and experiences scarcity in (at least) one other class of things. 5. What do we have in abundance? 6. What do we allegedly lack? 7. What is the “realm of necessity”? 8. Name a “technology” applied in the post-WWII period to facilitate greater consumerism. 9. Name a public policy that could reduce affluenza: 10. Which person did NOT claim that we attain greater freedom by consuming less? a. Ben Franklin s. Karl Marx d. Harry Truman d. All of the above made such a claim...
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