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Quiz 5 PST3127 Summer 2007 Prof. Klein Your Name: Your Row: 1. Adam Smith says that economically developed countries have a higher degree of the division of labor than less developed countries. As discussed in lecture, we can expect that people in more developed countries have more diverse life experiences and even more broadly developed thinking than their counterparts in poor countries. (T/F) 2. By what means does Adam Smith recommend expanding the size of markets? 3. What is an alternative means to expand markets? 4. As presented in lecture, the US civil war was a conflict between two societies at which two stages of economic development? 5. What is the main industrial input that Georgia Tech supplies to the economy? 6. Conservatives like Sally Reed support a greater role for the federal government
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Unformatted text preview: in local education. (T/F) 7. As discussed in lecture, education performs the following functions: a) it integrates children into the cave of community values b) it raises children beyond the cave of community values c) both A and B above d) neither A nor B above 8. The field of public relations applies the techniques of what kind of business activity to the political sphere? 9. Most Americans know that the Iraq government under Saddam Hussein dropped poison gas on a Kurdish village. Americans know this because the fact was intensively reported at the time that it occurred . (T/F) 10. What is social insecurity , and how does it support an industrial economy?...
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