sustainability - [Type text Green Buildings As we venture...

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[Type text] Green Buildings As we venture into the future, we are using more energy than we ever have before. Our homes, schools, hospitals, and other buildings, all consume energy in some way. Whether it is the use of our electricity, water, or release of our carbon monoxide emissions, it all contributes to the use of our energy as a society. Not only does it use our energy, but it also contributes to the damage to our planet by depleting our natural resources and emitting the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Many different practices and techniques can be used to build green. These will be mentioned later in paper along with other information relating to sustainable construction. The very homes that we live in, and the buildings we work, shop, and play in, all consume energy in many different ways. In 2006, buildings accounted for forty-percent of our total energy use in the United States and Europe area (Energy Information Administration). Also In 2006 in the US alone, the total for residential buildings consumed fifty-four percent of our energy use that is related to buildings. Commercial buildings consumed forty-six percent, which was three points lower than it was in 2002 at forty-nine percent (US Department of Energy). With an estimated 116 million residential buildings in existence in 2000, about 4.7 million office buildings in 1999, and 117,007 public and private k-12 schools and colleges, we need to start thinking green and sustainability and become more energy efficient in our daily lives and work places (US Environmental). Buildings alone generated about sixty-eight percent of our total United States total energy consumption (US Environmental). Buildings accounted for thirty- eight percent of the United States total carbon dioxide atmospheric emissions (US
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[Type text] Environmental). Buildings that serves the purpose to contain people and everyday activity, consumed approximately twelve-percent of the total water that the United States uses every day. Of this twelve-percent consumption, commercial like buildings and the other seventy-four percent by residential homes used an estimated twenty-six percent. Not only should we be concerned about the energy that we consume by running our homes and other buildings, but we need to think about what effect our buildings have on our health. A study by the United States Census Department concluded that Americans spend an estimated ninety percent or perhaps more of their time indoors (US Environmental).
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sustainability - [Type text Green Buildings As we venture...

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