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AMSTI is the Alabama Department of Education's initiative to improve math and science teaching within the state. AMSTI serves all students, K-12, hoping to prepare them all for success in the 21st century. Any school can become an AMSTI school by having math and science teachers as well as administrators attend a 2-week summer institute for 2 consecutive years. Obviously, this is a committment by both teachers and administrators, yet it is not impossible. I think that all schools in the state should make that committment. Year after year, AMSTI schools score better on standardized tests than non-AMSTI schools. Additionally, these schools have effectively changed the way students think about math and science - causing these subjects to go from least liked to most liked and enjoyed. I do wonder, however, how exactly the current shortage of math and science teachers within the state has affected AMSTI if at all. ACCESS is Alabama's answer to provide equal access to quality instruction. They seek
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