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Classroom warriors - Classroom Warriors article questions What was written in the article that connected with your beliefs Personally I believe in

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Classroom Warriors article questions: * What was written in the article that connected with your beliefs? Personally, I believe in diversity and acceptance. I wish our world were filled with people who were more accepting of others and their beliefs. This, however, includes that we must accept beliefs that we (personally) deem wrong. It is in no way acceptable for any educator to attempt to impose a certain set of beliefs on a student. Instead, a classroom should be an open forum where students are allowed to express their ideas openly and honestly and earn respect for those ideas by the educator and the other students. I work at a “diversity camp” (that’s basically what it is), and one thing that I have learned over the years is that diversity does not mean that you sway left (politically) and think liberally. Instead, diversity is something that is different about you. “Classroom dissent” is a result of diversity. * What do you believe the main point of the article is?
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