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Corporal Punishment: College Expels Student Who Advocated Corporal Punishment article questions: * What was written in the article that connected with your beliefs? I do think that everyone has the right to share their beliefs openly and honestly, and when our beliefs don’t match up with those of others, we must still respect them. I think it is a shame that Mr. McConnell was expelled for expressing differing beliefs. Just because he believes that corporal punishment is an ok thing, doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t be a law- abiding teacher in the state of New York. I also agree with the point that Mr. McConnell made at the very end saying that everything that has happened to him is worse than corporal punishment. * What do you believe the main point of the article is?
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Unformatted text preview: I think that the main point of this article was to show that everyone has different ideas and that it is ok to share your point of view with others, but we must be careful about how far we take it. As teachers, we have a duty to abide the laws in whatever state we may be teaching in. Just because Mr. McConnell believes in corporal punishment doesn’t mean that he would make a bad, non-law abiding teacher. * What is one question that you thought of while reading the article? One question that I thought about while reading this is what is Mr. McConnell doing today? Did he ever get his degree to start teaching in a classroom of his own? Or was his expulsion so serious that no other graduate program would admit him?...
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