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why i want to be a teacher

why i want to be a teacher - Alison Claire Burnette Why I...

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Alison Claire Burnette February 22, 2009 Why I Want to be a Teacher It’s funny how plans change. One day we think we know who we are and who we want to become, but the smallest change can suddenly ignite the biggest alteration in our person. I thought I had it all figured out my senior year of high school – probably like most seniors also think. I was on my way to Presbyterian College where I was to study Business and French, and I had hoped to one day have a career in International Marketing. Today, however, I find myself on a very different path. As I have grown to become the woman that I am today, my plans have changed. I am not taking the easier path, nor am I taking one that is less noble. In fact, in my biased opinion, I would say that the path that I am on today is nobler and also more difficult. I plan to be a high school French teacher. In my experience, most people think this is a pointless career path, but I would strongly disagree. I know that I want a career that will allow me to work with people, to share my passion with the world, and to feel proud of the work that I am doing.
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