3rd exam take home question - revised

3rd exam take home question - revised - Alison Claire...

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Alison Claire Burnette SPE 300 3 rd Exam – Take Home Question Special Education (SPE) is a discipline that has certainly made a lot of strides in recent years. I believe that this discipline continues to make significant achievements, yet it still struggles with several problems. Personally, I believe that SPE must deal with problems facing its negative connotation , rapidly increasing numbers of students being served, assessments and/or identification procedures, placement options , teacher training and understanding, and (finally) the underrepresentation of minorities in the subset of gifted and talented education . I believe it’s safe to say that no parents WANT their children to be in Special Education. Our society has evolved into one in which only the very best can succeed, so that is what parents want. Moreover, in my experience parents (and grandparents for that matter) love to brag about how well their child is doing. But, it’s really hard to brag about a child in Special Education. The discipline, as a whole, has attained a negative connotation within society. While certain accomplishments have been made to correct this negativity, problems still remain. For example, children in Special Education continue to be separated from the school. In my high school, Special Education classrooms (though not in the basement) were in a closed off wing of the school. Though I’m three years removed from my high school experience, I can recall very few memories of seeing any Special Education student. I understand that students must be placed in their Least Restrictive Environment (LRE); however, I personally subscribe to inclusion practices. Without inclusion, general education students will not learn anything about Special Education (SPE). General education students will always assume that SPE students have nothing in common with them, and begin to look down on them as if they are not real people. I don’t know if improvement would come with more inclusion, but any significant increase in awareness on ability would help decrease the negativity around Special Education. Then, the rest of society can begin to view the full potential of children in SPE – they will realize that they, too, contribute to our society. Another issue with the negative connotation comes with labeling – no one wants to be labeled as anything negative in society. Over the past few decades, the discipline of Special Education has grown a great deal.
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3rd exam take home question - revised - Alison Claire...

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