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teacher work sample - Alison Claire Burnette April 30, 2009...

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Alison Claire Burnette April 30, 2009 SPE 300 – Teacher Work Sample I. Contextual Factors: This practicum took place during the months of February and March at Eastwood Middle School in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The tutoring/observations were completed in Mrs. Wanda Smelley’s 8 th grade history classroom. Usually I attended on Mondays from 12:10-1:10 pm, however, because I would not be able to complete my required hours on time, I arranged with Mrs. Smelley to attend 1 entire day of school. While I was only there for 1 hour, Mrs. Smelley had me working with a group of 3 students. I was tutoring them, helping them study, assisting them with projects, etc… All 3 students were African American, female, and between 14 and 16 years old. Mrs. Smelley specifically told me that they were very “low needs” special education students. I noticed that not a single student had a visible disability. Therefore, I’m almost positive that these students had been identified as having a Learning Disability (LD) and/or Emotional/Behavior Disorder (E/BD). The day that I attended about 5 hours of school allowed me to see things in a slightly different light and understand things a lot better. It was on this day that I noticed the learning environment changed as each class changed. When I inquired about this Mrs. Smelley told me that the classes are basically divided according to the ability levels of students. The first period class was a special education class. The second period was the honors class. Mrs. Smelley had third period as her planning period, so there was
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teacher work sample - Alison Claire Burnette April 30, 2009...

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