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a. summary - Alison Claire Burnette A Summary This article...

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Alison Claire Burnette March 10, 2009 A. Summary This article addressed the apparent overrepresentation of some racial and ethnic groups in gifted educational programs while also shedding light into the underrepresentation of some minorities. Underrepresentation has been a concern in the field of gifted education since it’s beginning. For decades, research has focused on bridging the gap and improving educational equality in gifted education programs. While improving the representation of minority students in gifted programs is a priority, recently researchers and educators have taken notice of the overrepresentation of other groups. Some researchers believe that Asian American students are thought to be overrepresented in gifted education, however, there is insufficient evidence to truly support this claim. Nationwide, both Asian American students and white students have been continuously overrepresented in gifted education. No states, however, revealed an ideal proportional representation by race and ethnicity in gifted programs. Each state has a
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