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critical thinking

critical thinking - Alison Claire Burnette Sociology 101...

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Alison Claire Burnette Sociology 101 Chapter 14 – Critical Thinking When I went to the Department of Health and Human Services website ( www.hhs.gov/ ), I clicked on Prevention under “HHS Priorities.” It took me to this website: http://www.healthierus.gov/ . “HealthierUS.gov provides credible, accurate information to help you choose to live a healthier life” ( http://www.healthierus.gov/ ). According to the information on this site, it is easy to decide to live healthier, but following through with that decision is the hard part. This program is designed to help all Americans, and especially children, live longer, better, and healthier lives. This program sounds wonderful give our nation’s incredibly high obesity rates. “Obesity in the population as a whole is rapidly reaching crisis proportions…Two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight” (pg. 432). In addition, the rate of diabetes is also rapidly increasing. Cigarette smoking is also a huge issue in preventative health. In fact, “cigarette smoking tops the list of
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