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Alison Claire Burnette Blount 101 – Weiss 13 September 2007 To Love or Not To Love The chorus of a popular song says, “Your love is deep, Your love is high, Your love is long, Your love is wide,” signifying God’s unconditional love for his people. However, what happens when we, as humans, do not return this unconditional love towards God? Augustine argues in his Confessions that when humans love other humans, they cannot devote themselves, and their love, fully to God. This restrictive love creates a hindrance to one’s relationship with God. Augustine loves women, but most of his relationships with women entail lust and sinfulness. From his adolescent years, Augustine drives himself into a hole of lustful relationships by stretching the truth and making up stories about his sex life in an attempt to fit in among his friends. Though his mother and God warn him against such actions, Augustine recalls, “I used to pretend I had done things I had not done at all, so that my innocence should not lead my companions to scorn my lack of courage, and lest my chastity be taken as a mark of inferiority” (p. 27-28). Augustine refuses to listen to the warnings and, as he grows older, he gets caught up in actions of lust while aching for the feelings of love. Because he cannot escape his lifestyle of sin, he takes in a concubine, and although he appears to love her, he curiously leaves her name unmentioned. He explains, “with her I learnt by direct experience how wide a difference there is between the partnership of a marriage entered into for the sake of having a family and the mutual consent of those whose love is a matter of physical sex” (p. 53). Monica, who desires for her son to achieve both worldly success and spiritual happiness, encourages Augustine to
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augustine-done! - Alison Claire Burnette Blount 101 Weiss...

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