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Dance 45-Emio Greco1

Dance 45-Emio Greco1 - Dance 45 Emio Greco's Double Points...

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April 24, 2007 Dance 45 Emio Greco’s Double Points: Nero In the Emio Greco Double Points: Nero performance a group of five dancers, two female and three male performed an abstract like piece that contained many hidden meanings of the religious world as well as many other deep connotations of life and death. There were multiple pieces in the performance that I felt impacted me and gave me a sense of what the choreographer was trying to bestow upon the audience. The first piece that influenced me the most was the beginning. In the beginning part of the performance, a performer who appeared to be female moved around in a cloud of smoke, put their hand over their eyes, and stuck out her other hand. The dancer then moved around even before the play started and gave slow, steady movements. It made me feel like I was questioning whether it was a male or a female, almost as if to question gender roles in our society. All the elements combined to give me the impression that
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