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Dance 45-Spring Dance Concert1

Dance 45-Spring Dance Concert1 - The INC dance was fluid...

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1 April 15, 2007 Dance 45 Prof. Carol Press UCSB Spring Dance Concert-From the Backbone Forward In the UCSB Spring Dance Concert entitled From the Backbone Forward the second piece of the first half was INC. The dance consisted of a group of six dancers, one of which were male and the rest were female. All dancers wore suits but the male performer was the only one who wore a tie and the women wore collared shirts that were unbuttoned at the top. All dancers were barefoot the entire time. As the dancers performed, there were black and white short movie-like images projected on the background and the images would rotate from one side of the background to the other. There was a solo piece where a dancer moved slowly and the other dancers moved their arms down slowly in unison. The dancers then touched the ground and stayed in a statuesque form. The performers made flamingo like poses towards the end of the piece.
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Unformatted text preview: The INC. dance was fluid and slower than the other pieces that were also presented. In the second half of the concert, the second piece was entitled Relative Memory. The dance consisted of six dancers of whom all were female. Three of the woman wore greenish colored dresses and the other three wore gold colored dresses. Only the dancers in green dresses wore matching headbands, the others did not. Hanging from the rafters were five glowing paper lanterns that illuminated the stage a bit. There was a desk with a radio and the radio played in the background. The movement in the Relative Memory was fast paced and more rapid than the other pieces. One girl was picked up and placed on the other side of the stage. There was brisk twirling involved and overall the movement in the dance was fast-paced and fluid with multiple solos....
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