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Econ 118-Project - Degree of Industry Diversification Apple...

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Degree of Industry Diversification Apple is one of the most growingly diverse companies in the world. What was started as a computer company between a couple of friends has now grown into one of the largest corporations in the world. While Apple was known mainly as a computer company for years, the company began expanding to other avenues in the electronics world at the turn of the twenty-first century. This fact was evidently seen when the Apple Computer Co. dropped the “computer” and became simply the Apple Co. on January 9, 2007. Although Apple operates all of its business in the electronics industry, the arenas differ vastly and a slight miscalculation could mean drastic consequences. The first step Apple Co. took to diversify its business away from the computer industry was the introduction of the Ipod in 2001. The Ipod was a revolutionary innovation that made a major splash in the personal music industry. Never before had a computer company produced such a drastically different product. Ever since Apple introduced the Ipod, many other companies have followed suit to produce similar music playing devices, all of which have been copied but not replicated. Another way Apple has diversified across multiple consumer electronics industries is with the invention of the Iphone. Apple found a way to merge two very different industries, that of cellular phones and of portable music players and bring them into an affordable multi-function device. Partnering with AT&T as the service provider, Apple produced the first Ipod-phone hybrid. Garnering vast success and becoming the most popular selling smart phone in the United States, Apple has created one of the most versatile devices in the history of electronics. Not only has Apple diversified across multiple industries, they have also diversified within the computer industry itself. Having always prided itself on being different than its competitors, Apple has drawn distinction for being unique. Within the computer industry itself, Apple has always applied approaches that were different than PC based computers. One of the most common ideals Apple has always maintained over the years has been simplicity in its products. With it’s no frills approach in its ads and user-friendly operating system, Apple has seemingly marketed its easy to use operating system rather than advertising a plethora of features. Take the commercials Apple has been using for the past two years which simply features two characters, Justin Long who acts as “a Mac” and John Hodgman who is “a PC.” While many modern day commercials focus on being complex and intricate, the current Mac campaign focuses more upon the dialogue between the two main characters. The line of commercials is a symbol of Apple’s focus on simplicity and a user-friendly interface.
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Econ 118-Project - Degree of Industry Diversification Apple...

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