English 104A-Close Reading

English 104A-Close Reading - Point of view is another...

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October 29, 2007 English 104A TA: Meyerowitz Close Reading Exercise The poem “Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood” by Robert Frost is a poem filled with vast meaning even though it is merely twenty lines in length. The diction in which Robert Frost uses is simple yet meaningful at the same time. He uses certain words such as “diverged” which gives clear meaning that the road he was on turned into two roads, one of which he must choose. Also, the word “undergrowth” when in fact he could have simply used the word vegetation to convey his argument. The word “trodden” is used to describe the beat down texture of the road when it could have otherwise been described with a word such as beaten that is more easily understood. In dealing with word order, he sometimes uses words in a different order than people are normally used to. For example, “Though as for that the passing there” is different than usually saying “passing there.”
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Unformatted text preview: Point of view is another important aspect as he narrates from the point of view of his life and the reader can see first hand what his life experience was like. Figurative language is used consistently as well as seen in the first line of the poem, which states that Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood and is used to describe the scenery in which he sees even though he is not in fact looking at a piece of wood. The structure of the poem is consistent as he employs four stanzas all with the same amount of lines and nearly the same amount of words in each of the lines. Also, Frost employs enjambment in most of the lines. Overall, Frost employs many variable techniques, which allow the reader to travel through the eyes of his past and see the journey of his life. The reader can also sympathize with the writer as everyone in their own lives also face a similar road that they must also make a decision on which path to take....
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English 104A-Close Reading - Point of view is another...

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