Environmental Studies 3- Section Paper 1

Environmental Studies 3- Section Paper 1 - 1 August 21,...

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1 August 21, 2007 Environmental Studies 3 Prof. Graves / TA: Quimby Section Assignment#1 At the outset of Guns, Germs, and Steel , author Jared Diamond is faced with a consuming question from a New Guinean man named Yali. Yali inquires why do Europeans have so much more “cargo” than his native New Guinean culture does. Throughout his novel, Diamond explains in detail the many plausible explanations of why Eurasia came to rise above other contemporary nations due to the basic ecological attributes that made it a more beneficial habitat in which individuals could grow, thrive, and become more technologically sound. Of the multiple reasons Eurasia began to separate itself from the rest of the world has to do with the fact that Eurasian society had a domino like effect in which one technology built upon another and eventually led to their dominance against other countries. However the basis that led to other innovations was built upon the east-west axis. If the country of Eurasia’s history were a plant, then the east-west axis could be looked upon as the seed in which everything else sprang from. The fact that Eurasia as an immense landmass runs east-west as opposed to other large landmasses gives it an environmental advantage that other countries do not possess. Since it is along the east- west axis, this allows the climate to remain relatively constant and have nearly the same
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Environmental Studies 3- Section Paper 1 - 1 August 21,...

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