Environmental Studies 3- Section Paper 2

Environmental Studies 3- Section Paper 2 - September 1,...

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September 1, 2007 Environmental Studies 3 Prof. Graves/ TA: Quimby Section Writing Assignment #2- Sustainability vs. Consumption John McPhee’s book, Encounters with the Archdruid , recounts a continuous conversation in which two men, David Brower and Charles Park, discuss various aspects of preserving the environment versus using the environment for it’s inherent resources. Brower, on the conservationist side of the equation argues from the standpoint of preserving the environment the way that it is and not continually consuming copper from the Glacier Peaks. Park on the other hand advocates taking any measures necessary to ensure the wealth and prosperity of the people, even if it in turn means mining in places Brower would refer to as “the wilderness.” The value that they each place on the Glacier Peaks differ from one another as one views it as an important environmental landmark while the other views it as a goldmine for resources which can be excavated and sold for tremendous profits. From the viewpoint of Park, he believes that change is of the essence and “You can’t avoid change. You can direct it, but you can’t avoid it”(14). From Park’s standpoint, he thinks that change is inevitable for the pure and simple fact that “The mine has to come. Population pressure is irresistible”(42). Park believes that the population will continue to grow and even though Park agrees with Brower on the fact that population growth is one of the main problems facing the environment; Park embraces the fact rather than trying to deny it. Another one of the premises Park bases his ideals
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Environmental Studies 3- Section Paper 2 - September 1,...

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