ESS 131 Assignment 2

ESS 131 Assignment 2 - will fuel my emotions and allow me...

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April 23, 2009 ESS 131 Gauges Assignment-Basketball Empty Tank Potential: 25% Color: Black, fading away into darkness. Music: Heavy metal, negative sounding music. The Edge: Leaning against a wall barely able to move and about to fall asleep. Physical: Shaking, twitchy, sleepy, about to fall to the ground immediately, contacts about to fall out of my eyes. Mental: Anxious, unmotivated, unable to comprehend complex ideas, wanting to simply relax. Current Perception: Unable to do any type of tasks that are more than basic and my body is simply running on instincts without any real thought involved. Half Tank Potential: 60% Color: Red, green, maybe even a bit of blueness. Music: Some type of softer rock such as Tom Petty, The Police or Journey. The Edge: Standing up straight, gaining composure, and ready to move into action. Physical: Eyes are open, looking around and ready to find ways of pumping myself up. Mental: Looking around, gaining motivation, and looking for sources of inspiration that
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Unformatted text preview: will fuel my emotions and allow me to compete at a higher level. Current Perception: Starting to get focused and allowing myself to put myself into a mental state that will allow me to be ready to compete. Full Tank Potential: 100% Color: Gold, bright yellows and other luminescent colors. Music: Hip Hop such as John Legend, Akon, and Flo-Rida The Edge: Dancing around a bit, getting ready to enjoy myself and put away all other thoughts and focus exclusively on the task that is before me. Physical: Eyes are wide open, heart is beginning to pump faster, and adrenaline is beginning to pump. Mental: Focused, motivated, and wanting to take out all competitors. Animal like instincts kick in and force myself to be hungry enough to compete. Current Perception: My perception is that I want to win and will use any and all measures it takes to reach my goal and nothing at all will stand in my way....
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