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SOCI 1301 – Lecture Notes – 6/8/09 Peter Berger → sociology = general in the particular C. Wright Mills → sociological imagination – individual problems are actually structural, cannot be changed by an individual. Class Gender Race Religion Age Job “Common sense” -pool of information out there somewhere -everybody knows -true -individual In reality, common sense is when someone 1) Individualizes experiences 2) Believes what happens to them happens to the group 3) Believes they are representative of groups
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Unformatted text preview: Instinct – complex behavior that is genetically determined at birth. “Biology is destiny”. Not learned. Humans have replaced instinct with culture Theory [tentative] – Science = Facts (organize) Theory = opinion Scientific theory = how and why facts are related Fact = result of verification by the scientific method Religion – closed system, comprehensive road map. Science 1. material = senses can be described, counted, analyzed, predict...
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