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thesis and intro - iPods Since recorded music became...

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iPods Since recorded music became popular in the 1930s with the invent of the phonograph, one developed a personal and very intimate connection with music. The simple act of sitting down and listening to a piece of recorded music brought a new sense joy and intimacy to life. Society saw the beginning of popular music culture. When the iPod made its debut in 2001, music culture would never be the same. Limitations on the portability of music were governed by physical size of the music itself. Now one can carry an entire record collection that once took up walls of space in one’s pocket. With the iPod, listeners do not feel a sense of isolation with music, adolescents especially; reflect on their mood at anytime and anywhere, with an infinite amount of choices. The iPod greatly affected popular adolescent culture. The life that music brings with it is a major deciding factor in what kind of music one decides to listen to. Since music reflects life and life reflects on music this is a common deciding factor in music. However with all of this, snobbism is brought with it. As Steven Levy says, “The ability to compile one’s favorite songs in one place may make it easier to accumulate a collection of dazzling obscurities but also increases the culpability of those whose libraries are less than stellar.” (Levy). Now with the many people carrying around there whole life collection of music in their pocket, another person could easily judge one another based on their collection of music. This does create many potential problems. Gross stereotyping is bound to occur, maybe one would decide that a persons musical tastes are not good enough for them to be around. Even though a disagreement is met with music this does not give one a basis for judgment.
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Flatt2 A music collection can say a lot about someone. Moods, emotions and life events are all topics on which music reflects on. The iPod to some, serves as a storage bank for these topics, a storage bank that can be totally random or synchronized in a way to bring back certain memories. A day at the beach, a crazy party or the thought of a certain person can be brought back by certain songs. In fact, some people’s life stories can be told by the music that ones iPod contains. Teenagers and young adults are the most common people to have their life illustrated on their iPod. A teenager who is going through emotional angst may always have the signature white earbuds in their ears. Trying to shut off the world or trick their mind into forgetting about a boring task that they might be doing at the time. If one would ask a teenager why they listen to an iPod, excpect many different answers, however most will say that they listen to bring back certain memories or shut away memories. A kid who dresses in black clothing and who appears to be unkept may say that they are trying to block out the world and forget the terrible events that are happening in their life. A teenager who is popular and plays sports would most likely say
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thesis and intro - iPods Since recorded music became...

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