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Photosynthesis Respiration Quiz

Photosynthesis Respiration Quiz - produces alcohol only a...

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Photosynthesis Respiration Quiz 1. Iodine stains: starch a blue-black color 2. A major product of photosynthesis is: sugar 3. Leaves appear green becuase green light is: reflected or transmitted. 4. The raw materials (reactants) of photosynthesis are: carbon dioxide and water. 5. In the leaf, sugars from photosynthesis are stored as: starch. 6. Anaerobic respiration occurs only in the absence of:  oxygen gas. 7.  Pick all that are correct. A correct anserwer must be chosen for credit. Alcoholc fermentation 
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Unformatted text preview: produces: alcohol only a small amount of usable energy. 8. Bread rises because alcoholic fermentation produces: carbon dioxide 9. Methylene blue: goes from blue to colorless as is accepts electrons form yeast respiration. 10. The fall colors appear because chlorophyll disintegrates first in the dying leaf, revealing the other pigments in the leaf. True...
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