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Genetic Variation Quiz 1. An individual that is Yy for a gene is: heterozygous 2. If one parent is Rr and the other parent is Rr, the chance of an offspring being Rr is:  50% 3. For the trait plant color, the white corn seedlings in Activity B are: homozygous recessive. 4. Humans have ___ pairs of chromosomes. 23 5. A karyotype is: a picture of the chromosomes of an individual. 6. In karyotyping, pairing is done between: homologous chromosomes
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Outward appearance based on genetics of an individual is called the: phenotype 8. Which of these traits is probably NOT caused by a single allele pair in humans? Height 9. In the PTC taste testing, PTC will taste ___ to a taster. Bitter 10. A trait that normally shows a broad range of numerous phenotypes that give the appearance of intergrading into each other in a population shows _____ variation. Continuous....
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