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Enzyme Quiz

Enzyme Quiz - 8 Two important factors that will affect...

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Enzyme Quiz 1. Enzymes are: organic catalysts. 2. Most enzymes are made of: proteins. 3. The substance that an enzyme acts upon is called a(n): substrate. 4. Enzymes work by: lowering the activation energy needed to begin a reaction. 5. The enzyme catalse acts to: break down hydrogenperoxide to water and oxygen gas. 6. In the Enzyme lab, which of the following served as an experimental control in one of the  experiments? Cup D1 7. The bubbles that you observe (or not!) in your experiments are: Oxygen gas (O2).
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Two important factors that will affect enzyme activity are: temperature and pH. 9. In comparing two solutions, one of pH 6 and the second with pH 4, the solution with a pH of 4 is: is 100X more acidic than the pH 6 solution. 10. In this lab you compared catalase to an inorganic catalyst. That inorganic catalyst was: manganese dioxide (MnO2)....
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