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Ecology Quiz 1. Allelopathy is: the secretion of a substance by an organism that inhibits other organisms 2. The effect of allelopathy is to: decrease competition by reducing the number of surrounding  organisms. 3. Signs of animals include: calls, droppings, and chew holes. 4. In studying ecosystems, you will establish study plots that are ____ m in size. 3 X 3. 5. Coverage by vegetation over an area in an ecosystem: is often greater than 100%. 6. The number of ecosystems that you will be observing to complete this lab is: 2
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Unformatted text preview: 7. In the ecosystem comparisons, the soil test kit measures _____ in the soil. nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, and pH. 8. In Activity A, the allelopathy experiment, which is the control group? The petri dishes with just wheat and with just rye are both control groups. 9. In Activity A, during the allelopathy experiment, the petri dishes are: are all covered and kept in darkness. 10. You will photograph all of the following except: all animals seen....
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