DNA Quiz - 7 Your “mix” of DNA is unique(unless you have an identical twin because you inherited half of your DNA from each parent 8 During

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DNA Quiz 1. DNA is a polymer of subunits called: nucleotides 2. The length of DNA in 1 human cell is: 1.8m 3. In the DNA extraction, wheat germ is heated in order to: break up the plant tissue and cell walls. 4. Liquid dish washing detergent is added curing DNA extraction in order to: Disrupt the lipids in the cell and nuclear membranes. 5. Meat tenderizer added during the DNA extraction process counteracts: DNA destroying enzymes released from the cell. 6. The extracted DNA will migrate into cold alcohol for collection.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Your “mix” of DNA is unique (unless you have an identical twin) because: you inherited half of your DNA from each parent. 8. During elecrophoresis the samples are placed in a gel and the samples move through the gel due to: an electrical current through the gel. 9. Specific enzymes derived form bacteria cut up DNA at: specific sequences along the DNA molecule. 10. In gel electrophoresis the smaller fragments: move faster throughout the gel than larger fragments....
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