hi 321 test one review

hi 321 test one review - I. I shall present to you a list...

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Unformatted text preview: I. I shall present to you a list for seven to eight possible identifications. You will be asked to identify five from the list provided on the test given out in class. Thereby, you will have some choices. Identifications can come from the lecture and/or textbook by David Lindberg. You should also give a date and tell the significance of each: [Any answer without the correct date or approximately correct date will have one point taken off.] II. Essay questions: Write as full answers as your knowledge and time permits. You will be given three or four questions from below and asked to write on two of them. 1. Discuss, contrast, and compare Egyptian mathematics and astronomy with Mesopotamian (Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian) mathematics and astronomy. 2. Who were the Milesians and what were their accomplishments? Of all the pre-Socratics, Heraclitus probably casts the greatest shadow in the history of early science. In writing a justification for the previous assertion include a description of his philosophy. 3. The Milesians were from the city of Miletus, and are monists, believing that the universe is derived from one single substance. They are also materialists. They exclude God from their studies, saying that God is not the reason for natural phenomenai. Miletus is considered to be the place where science begins. The main actors are Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes, Leucippus, Democritus, and Heraclitus. Thales (624-545 BCE) of Miletus was said to be the father of science. Everything we know about him is said to be carried down by oral tradition and he did not write any works. He believed that the universal substance is WATER. Water is the primordial substance that is the basis and origin for all things. He predicted the eclipse on May 28 th ____, and stopped the war between the lydians and the Medes______!!?? He believes that the earth is flat, and is said to be one out of 7 of the wise greek men in his time. Thales also was a hydrolic engineer (said to have changed the direction of a river in war time), also on of the first milionaires of his time, said to have watched 1 1 the stars and planned out the right time to rent out all of the olive presses, in which he flourished. He is said to be the founder of abstract geometry (saying the angle at the base of an isosilies triangle are equal, and that a circle is divided by the diameter.) known to say expressions such as know thyself and nothing in excess. 4. Anaximander (550) is the second notable figure of the...
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hi 321 test one review - I. I shall present to you a list...

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