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Bottled_water - The other main driving force behind the...

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MGMT 495 Case: Bottled water 06/08/2009 Bottled Water The main driving forces behind bottled water were a lack pure drinking water and health consciences consumers. In the early 90’s bottled water was a small fledgling market however after clean water scares in large cities across the country consumers began turning to bottled as a secure sources of drinking water. In reality water purity issues were isolated but the scare had already started the market. There was another issue, flavor. Even though tap water may be pure enough to meet PEA standards, that didn’t guarantee “good” flavor to consumers. This drove consumers to the supermarkets looking for water that also “tasted” cleaner. Since taste now a valid issue this opened up the market to non-alcoholic beverage companies to compete on a new market.
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Unformatted text preview: The other main driving force behind the bottled water market is the market segment that is health consciences. As fitness has become a focal point in society and American’s are very much on the go the need for bottled water especially small individual units were required. This has also driven the market in the direction of flavored water. This has given consumers a new reason to drink bottled water as well as a new market that potentially merges the flavored market (i.e. soft drink, sport drink, etc. with health/water drinking market). Also there is a value added portion to this market. Someone who may not otherwise buy bottled water may want to appear health conscience or appear relevant in society. This helps drive the market among previously non water buying consumer....
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