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I wish I could say there are more positive influences then negative, but I am not sure. One positive influence is church. Church helps you stay off the street and keeps you busy. Also, in church you have people there that support you and want you to do well. It also gives you something to believe in and help you learn new things and gain more knowledge. Another positive would be your parents. They are there to help you get through life and show you how to be independent eventually. They are there for moral support and also there for you to talk to. You can look at their lives and either decides you want to be just like them or you want to be completely opposite. One negative influence that I have experienced is advertisements. For cigarettes you see “sexy” girls smoking putting in some teens heads that if you want to be like them you need to smoke. You also see advertisements saying “everyone does it” so makes you think if you do it you can become the cool kid. Another bad influence is friends. It is hard for me to say this, but it is the truth.
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