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For this assignment I choose to research on Germany. The president of Germany is Horst Köhler. He was elected on July 1, 2004. He has become Germany’s most popular president during his time of presidency. If the President dies, or he is removed from office, a successor is elected within thirty days. However, since the establishment of the office this has never occurred. I do not think anyone in this present time could survive a time like the middle ages. I know one word that could describe the world if there were no leaders, Anarchy. They call a government less civilization Anarchy, because it would be straight commotion, bursting discrimination, a selected ruling calls, slaughter, human rights violations and self-indulgence. The country would still find itself being ruled by
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Unformatted text preview: who ever was the strongest or who ever had the largest part of power and wealth. No food because who is going to pay to get all of it shipped over? Citizens would be dying because it would be legal to kill. One example of this that happened in the Middle Ages was the Han Dynasty. After the Han Dynasty collapsed it brought on years and years of anarchy and chaos. When the dynasty collapsed the groups were going head to head trying to fight for the leadership. This Dynasty fell apart because of the politics that was going on within the Dynasty and because the military was not forming very well. The dynasty that lasted over 400 years ended in 220ce it was not until 581ce that another dynasty was finally formed....
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