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adam bede 3 - view of the world They change him by making...

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Adam Bede is about Adam Bede. Though Adam actually is not part of the  central actions of the novel, the novel is not driven by its plot. Instead, the  novel focuses on the characters of Hayslope and how they react when a  tragedy occurs in their midst. Adam is the central figure of the novel  because he is a good man who undergoes a significant personality change  in the face of great sorrow. Eliot begins the novel by showing us Adam in  ordinary life. He is a carpenter and a hard worker, but he is too proud of his  work. Adam supports his family, but he is too hard on his wayward father.  The death of his father causes Adam to reflect on his own character, but  this sadness is not enough to bring about a complete personality change.  The events with Hetty, however, cause Adam to completely reconsider his 
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Unformatted text preview: view of the world. They change him by making him gentler, humbler, and, on the whole, a better man. Eliot intends us to model ourselves in some small part on Adam. An admirable character, Adam is meant to guide readers through their own lives. The novel is a moral novel. It is meant to show how even so admired and brave and good a man as Adam is in the beginning of the story can be made better by a little compassion toward his fellow man. The narrator often emphasizes this point when he breaks through the story to make comments. That is why Eliot calls the book Adam Bede. She intends to keep the focus on him, even through the more exciting plot developments that center on other characters. Citrix....
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