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Bill2 Speech- Affirmation Imagine a future without having to worry about Gasoline Prices. Imagine a future without worrying that pollution could affect your life. This future is in store for us, and to help it become reality, we need to affirm this bill. My first point is that America Needs to reduce dependence on foreign oil. Right now, we are buying billions of barrels of oil from countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, each of whom engage in egregious human rights abuses, according to American Energy Independence, in its 2005 report. America stands at a crossroad, a choice between two very different futures. One choice leads to increased dependence on foreign oil and a future dominated by terrorism and war. The other choice leads to American energy independence and a world economy that is no longer desperate for oil. By switching to alternative fuels, we can reduce our dependence on other countries assets. Secondly, According to AAA, this week’s average gas price was only $2.26, 60 cents
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