mgt103presentation - -customer defection?-frequency...

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1) what is it? define the product? 2)  who manufactures it? 3) who is the target market? -potential market? -available market? -target market? -educational level -income -geographic -culture/beliefs -penetrated market? -market demand? -customer percieved value? -total customer value? -total customer cost? -is the market a trend or fad? -market share? -brand loyalty? -market forecast? -customer profitability analysis?
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Unformatted text preview: -customer defection?-frequency programs?-customer database? 4) who are the competitors-core competencies?-value proposition?-quality?/ total quality management?-social responsibility marketing 5) what are the strengths 6) what are weaknesses 7) what the opportunities? product? price? place? promotion? customer solution customer cost convenience communication 8) what are the threats?...
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mgt103presentation - -customer defection?-frequency...

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