final questions - If I was a scene designer what union...

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What are the requirements for the audience and for the stage Summer stocke and touring theatre: When is summer stock- memorial day Where is summer stock Why is there summer stick What are the diff types of touring theatre What are the problems with touring FOH(front of house) All the people involved away from the show What is a ticket? A conctract for the seat that night Who is involved with front of house? Manager Sound What are the responsibilities of the sound designer What types of sounds? Incidental and dramatic ( know differences) Props Categories of props… how are they responsible Whats a prop artisan Unions What are the diff unions
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Unformatted text preview: If I was a scene designer what union would I be in Dance What are the 3 main things a dancer trains What is a choerograher do Incidental and raamatic types of dance Slides Obvious is went to class Musicals Choreographer, lyricist, Multiculturalism (diff ethical theatrical groups)-Border lance- ethnic group in Tucson know the diff ethinic types we talked about how does society create culture/theatre Motion control scenery What is the importance How and why is it used Stage combat What an app is Diff ctegories of fight combatant to fight master How and why is stage combat important...
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final questions - If I was a scene designer what union...

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