Fighting on stage

Fighting on stage - Protecting actors-you need eye contact...

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Society of American Fight Directors- (SAFD) - the safe use of violence on stage - Certified Fighter (proficient in 3 weapons) - Certified Teacher (confident in all 7 weapons on stage and to also teach them to other actors) - Fight Director (not only teaches but works professionally to ensure the choreography is up to par for the play) - Fight Master (only 16 fight masters in the country. Sponsor workshops all over country - 8 weapons: unarmed (hand to hand), rapier, rapier and dagger, small sword, broad sword, broad sword and shield, quarter staff, knife
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Unformatted text preview: Protecting actors-you need eye contact for actors to communicate on stage-set up 6 inches apart from the tip of weapons-Being on line at all times (hips parallel). . if not it changes the kinds of moves you can perform and make believeable Moving-Pass forward or back-Advance or retreat-Must maintain same distance in order to stay apart Sound effect- “knapp” Fight speed is ¾ speed what normal fight speed would be in real life....
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